NOTE: Each team is on the schedule to provide two side referee’s for 2 games during the SUMMER season.

Some weeks you may have to provide refs for 2 games on the same night, but each team provides refs for 2 games TOTAL during the entire season. Each game requires “2 side refs”. Ref duties come first on the nights your team is scheduled. Subbing to play comes second.

Failing to provide side refs will result in a paper forfeit at the end of the season. This could greatly impact your team standings and making the playoffs.

The full season side referee schedule is below. The # is the week that your team is scheduled. If you see the same # twice for your team then you have 2 games that night that need to be covered for your side ref duties.

Example: 86ers are listed for weeks 3 & 5. They will ref one game on week 3 and week 5 providing 2 refs for each night.

86ers 3 5
Doses & Mimosas! 4 5
Moist Posse: Moistimity Warning 4 5
Put Together Kicks 3 5
Spicy Kickin’ Nuggets 3 4
Still TBD 3 4
This & That 4 5
Blue Barracudas 4 5
Bold and Brash 3 5
Krayla’s Krewe 3 4
Mutiny 3 4
New Kids on the Block 3 5

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