Please read the FAQ’s before you sign up. We do not refund registration fees without a note from The Pope, and even that has to be notarized by God. Seriously….no refunds for moving out of the area, no refund for divorce, injury or because your school schedule changed and you can no longer play on your league night. No refunds… comprende?

1 How many teams are in the league?

Each league normally has anywhere from 8 to 16 teams, comprised of guys and gals 18 years or older. League size is dependent on registration for any particular season but leagues will not have more than 24 teams.

2 How many players are on a team?

Teams should range anywhere from 15 to 18 players – half women, half men.

3How many games will we play?

You will have at least one game per week for the season. So for a six week league, you'll have six games and for an eight week league, you'll have eight games. Depending on the number of teams in the league, we try to schedule some doubleheaders so you may have more than one game per week. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Weather is out of our control, so we sometimes need to adjust schedules after the season is underway. But you'll always have at least one game for every week of the season.

4 Why so many players on a team?

There are 11 players in the field on defense, so 15 is a realistic minimum as not every player can be there every week. Plus, team cheers are always better with a few more folks and Kickball Society is about meeting new friends and having fun.

5 When does Kickball Society league registration open?

Signups are conducted approximately 4 weeks prior to the start of each season. This allows Kickball Society to organize schedules and structure all teams, order and print all team shirts, etc. If you miss these deadlines you can still come to the games and cheer your friends, you just won’t be eligible to play.

6 What does it cost? What does my registration fee cover?

Registration for the leagues vary depending on the field location of the league. Leagues are normally eight games plus a championship tournament at $75-$80 per player. That includes game equipment, your official Kickball Society t-shirt, paid league management and referees, field rental expenses and other league costs.

7 Can I sign up without a team?

Heck, yeah! Just register as a Free Agent and we’ll put you on a team. it’s a great way to meet some new folks.

8 How do I go about starting up a team?

When signing up, select “Register as Part of a Group.” You’ll be asked for the name of your group. Don’t worry about a permanent name as you can always change it later. You can be listed as the Captain but that can also be changed later. When your friends sign up, they will select “Part of a Group” and choose the group you created. Groups are transferred to teams based on the number of players who have signed up and paid. Team slots in each league are limited and awarded in the order that groups get players signed up and paid.

9 Some friends and I want to play together, but won’t be starting a full team. Can we do this?

Sure! Go ahead and create a group, and name it anything you like. Have your friends join that group. Don’t worry about being transferred to a team. Your group will be combined into a team towards the close of registration.

10 Why do you need my email address?

We collect email addresses so your captain, your teammates and the league can contact you. Without this, you might miss important league updates and information. Information about Kickball Society is conveyed by email and through our website. If at any point you want to remove your email, just send a note to Kickball Society and we’ll remove it. And your information is only used by Kickball Society-it goes nowhere else.

11 How do I pay?

Payment is made by PayPal. With PayPal, you can use your PayPal account, a credit card, or even an e-check. PayPal is easier for you and it's easier for us, but if you don't have a credit card to sign up that way, send an email to steven@kickballsociety.com and we'll figure out something.

12 If I start a team, how can I make sure only my friends sign up?

The captain of a team will have the ability to “approve” or “deny” any person that registers for the team. If you’re the captain, we'll let you know who's on your team as sign-ups progress. If there is a player that you don’t know and want to know why they joined your team, please contact them. If you decide to, you can choose to deny them placement on your team. This will not delete their registration but simply places them back in the Free Agent pool. You will need to have a minimum of 18 approved players to have a complete team. Please keep in mind that Kickball Society reserves the right to place Free Agents on your team to round out rosters.

13 How do I know that Kickball Society received my registration and I’m signed up for the league?

Once you’ve completed your registration, you will receive an automated email from Kickball Society telling you you’re in. You will need to confirm your registration so we know we’ve got the right information and email address. In your confirmation message, it will tell you how to do that.

14 I never received the confirmation email. Why not?

Other than having a gremlin in your computer, two other things could have caused that. You may have entered an invalid or incorrect email address or the email went into your junk or spam folder. Watch out for this with some of the web base emails (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). You may have to adjust the spam filter. You must receive this email so that you can click on the confirmation link. The link is required to activate your account. You will not be able to log-in and pay without activating your account.

15 When I click on the link in the confirmation email, I get an error. Why is that?

The confirmation link is long and may get cut off by your email program. Please try cut-and-pasting the link, line by line, into the location field of your browser and then hit enter. You also must click on this link within a limited period of time in order for the verification process to succeed. If your link has “expired”, please contact the league at steven@kickballsociety.com.

16 What color t-shirts will my team get?

Once the teams have been finalized and registration is complete for the upcoming season, an email will go out to the captains of each team asking them their choices for their t-shirt color. Colors will generally be assigned first to returning teams and then in order of registration.

17 What happens if my team signs up and we all decide we would rather go on a month long cruise? Can we get a refund?

Enjoy your cruise, but sorry-once payments are collected, there are no refunds.

Please use our website (www.KickballSociety.com) to familiarize yourself with how Kickball Society is run. Based on questions received, we’ll update the FAQ page.

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